SoulBuffalo created SALT – Sustainable Action Leadership Training – to change today’s corporate practices at an institutional level. This professional development tool translates the sustainability goals of an organization into a learning platform for everyone from the mid-level manager to key executives.

By completing these courses, each employee brings new, alternative approaches to their work and organization, and maintains this transferable expertise throughout their career.

SALT Courses

SUSTAINABILITY: A Driver of Innovation

With this course certification, you will understand the innovative processes and practices that can be implemented at scale to reverse many of the world’s greatest threats. Many corporations are already exploring these methods, allowing employees to identify where they can create the greatest impact.

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OCEAN PLASTICS: Exploiting One of the World’s Biggest Environmental Challenges

When you receive this course certification, you will be equipped to take an active role in identifying, accelerating and implementing solutions to reverse the damage caused by plastics and reclaim our respect for the oceans.

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From Science to Action

When you receive this course certification, you will understand how climate change negatively affects human health, what adaptation strategies can lessen the impacts, and how to communicate effectively about these issues to bring about change in your community.

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Within each course, users complete a series of short, 20-minute modules made up of learning text and videos, followed by a quick, interactive test.

  • Module 1 – Impact
  • Module 2 – Solutions & Material Thinking
  • Module 3 – Consumer & Investor Shift

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