The ocean plastics crisis has been set back years by COVID-19. SoulBuffalo and the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network (OPLN) are committed to leveraging our combined resources to slow the devastation and accelerate many of our action plans. This COVID-19 Ocean Plastics Crisis Hub has been created to share data, learn what’s working and invest in effective solutions. And we cannot waste any time. 

Our monthly online convenings provide exclusive access to the industry’s latest challenges and solutions, and what is being planned for the future.

30% More Waste Worldwide

The pandemic is having a massive impact on our oceans. Between an influx of disposable masks and gloves into the supply chain, a return to single use plastics and the record low costs of virgin plastic, the ocean plastics crisis has escalated dramatically since the onset of COVID-19.

Key Initiatives

Move to Alternative Materials
Raising Consumer Awareness
Connecting Waste Pickers to Global Markets
Supply Chain Transparency
Advance Recycled Plastics Goals
Launch Plastics Offset Credits

The Network Solution

The Ocean Plastics Leadership Network community brings together the top organizations and minds dedicated to solving the ocean crisis more efficiently, and with accelerated speed.

Our network is investing in the Ocean Plastics Crisis Hub at various levels to help facilitate and deploy our initiatives. Leadership, Board and Member seats are available.

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