Our first Open House Panel was a tremendous success, addressing the central question, “How might we surface and share compelling ways for corporations to source Ocean-bound Plastics from waste picking communities in the Global South?” Sharing best practices, our panel consisted of Dune Ives, Managing Director of Lonely Whale / NextWave Plastics, Ellen Jackowski Global Head, Sustainability Strategy & Innovation at HP, Ian Rosenberger Founder of First Mile / Thread International, Keiran Smith, CEO/Co-Founder of Mr. Green Trading Africa, and Susan Ruffo, Executive Director at The Circulate Initiative/Circulate Capital.


Sharing best practices for empowering waste picker communities around the world

Community Health (with Covid)
With more PPE in the field, we are seeing 30% more trash accumulate near waterways.

Supply chain
Companies can share best practices on how to reclaim ocean-bound plastics.

Key Contributors


  1. Spotlight the people behind the waste picking community, raising awareness around what they’re experiencing now.
  2. Inform brands on how to source ocean bound plastics for their products.
  3. Explore how mobilizing a market for recycled ocean-bound plastic can help us drive towards ocean health more successfully.