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"The Blue Economy and Private Sector Impact" replay from @UN #World #Oceans Day is available! Moderated by @CBrainard of @sciam, the panel consists of Melissa Garren of @WorkingOcean, @Tom__Szaky of @TerraCycle and @daveford88 of @SoulBuffalo_ & OPLN.

No one wants to see whales wash up on our #beaches with stomachs full of #plastic bags, but plastic is as much about human #health as it is about the #ocean.
Read more of @JohnHocevar's article in #ParadigmShift by @O_P_L_N Member @PYXERAGlobal!

THIS WEDNESDAY, July 15, OPLN Member @RECYPartnership hosts a webinar on #fair, #sustainable partnerships between cities and MRFs in a time of budget cuts and #market volatility. #WasteManagement #circulareconomy #recycling #plasticpollution

In this @thehill article, @NickMallos of @OurOcean states, "Single-use masks and gloves are made of #plastics, meaning these items do not biodegrade over time. As unsightly as single-use PPE litter is on land, it may very well be deadly once in the #ocean.

The @UN @WorldOceansDay webinar on "The Blue Economy and Private Sector Impact" replay is available! Hear Melissa Garren of @WorkingOcean, @Tom__Szaky of @TerraCycle, @daveford88 of @SoulBuffalo_ & OPLN discuss inclusive solutions for a healthy #ocean.

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