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Just arrived in #Alaska with @SOAlliance for the 2019 Accelerator at Sea. Looking forward to exploring the ocean and learning more about how to preserve it. #SOAlliance #AcceleratorAtSea

"Recycling is broken. The oceans are trashed." @HP's @ellenjackowski attended the #OceanPlastic Leadership Summit & @outsidemagazine documented attendees' plans to tackle the plastics crisis @rowanjacobsen @daveford88 @HPSustainable

HP’s @ellenjackowski returned from the Ocean Plastic Leadership Summit with even deeper motivation to find more solutions, not just more plastic collected from the ocean. Thanks, @rowanjacobsen for documenting this challenging summit. @outsidemagazine

When a Nestlé exec and a Greenpeace activist sleep in the same bunk ...

No, it's not a standup routine. But maybe a tipping point for the world to start meaningfully tackling #plasticpollution? Kudos to @SoulBuffalo and all those who took risks to participate & engage.

When our friend @daveford88 from @SoulBuffalo stood on the stage at Good is the New Cool LA and announced their audacious plan to do an ocean plastic summit at sea it seemed like an insane idea. Turns out it wasn't!


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