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“ During Indonesia’s wet season, rays can ingest as much as 63 pieces of plastic per hour.” Let's act now to #stopoceanplastics

We need to get a handle on our plastic use!
"Larval fish play a big role in the ocean food web. Seabirds skim them off the water’s surface, while larger fish, such as tuna, eat them from below."

BBC News - 'Shame and anger' at plastic ocean pollution The series revealed how plastic items - estimated to total more than 150 million tonnes - are drifting in the world's oceans and causing the deaths of one million birds and 100,000 sea mammals yearly.

This super market in Germany is using no plastic packaging.
Encouraging customers to bring own bags, jars and containers.
Reducing food waste and fighting the plastic scourge.

It's time to end #PlasticPollution.

#Useless #BuyLess #Wasteless #endplasticwaste

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