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This super market in Germany is using no plastic packaging.
Encouraging customers to bring own bags, jars and containers.
Reducing food waste and fighting the plastic scourge.

It's time to end #PlasticPollution.

#Useless #BuyLess #Wasteless #endplasticwaste

Shoutout to @outsidemagazine & @rowanjacobsen for reporting on the #plasticwaste crisis in our oceans. Loved @SoulBuffalo's strategy to get important stakeholders talking. Now if only we can get the fashion execs on board (literally & figuratively)...

Each year, an estimated 18 billion lbs of plastic waste enters the world’s ocean from coastal regions. We can do something about, but state government has pre-empted local control on plastic usage. Proud to give that local control back w/Rep. @Mike_Grieco!

Dumped fishing gear is biggest plastic polluter in ocean. We need to take action now.

Amigos in NYC, I'm speaking on a Climate Week "Tackling the Plastic Crisis" panel today at 4:30 at Arcadia Earth (an incredible art installation dedicated to solving the worlds biggest challenges". It's hosted by @oceanicglobal. #arcadiaearth @theregenmag #climateweeknyc

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