SoulBuffalo unites action-oriented leaders from across the globe to build a community of environmental problem solvers

From corporate expeditions to industry-wide summits, we design, curate, produce  immersive experiences that bring environmental challenges to life and accelerate solutions to the planet’s biggest problems.


Each SoulBuffalo Summit is a dynamic platform for leaders, thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators–from across industries and from around the world–to inspire new collaborative approaches to some of the most pressing sustainability issues. At these gatherings, hosted in locations across the globe, we exchange ideas, meet with and learn from scientific experts, and witness sustainability issues and efforts to counter them.


We’ve conducted expeditions and experiential trips to nearly every country in the world, using the planet as a classroom for our participants to more deeply understand pressing conservation and sustainability challenges.

sustainability intensives

Corporations are now expected to join with other organizations to address social and environmental issues. SoulBuffalo's sustainability intensives bring working groups together to create better, more effective solutions faster.

SoulBuffalo's sustainability intensives bring together highly-focused groups of competitors, partners, innovators and systems experts that acknowledge that tackling issues in isolation is unlikely to drive real progress or produce long-term change.

Over the course of 1-2 days, our intensives are aligned around a specific initiative or solution and set the stage for meaningful action on a large scale.

Story studio

Insights, realizations and transformations come from experience.

We make emotional connections and provide context to help audiences feel the impact of a SoulBuffalo experience on our participants and their organizations. SoulBuffalo's story studio brings together filmmakers, editors, writers and social media experts to create bespoke media packages that can be leveraged by communications, marketing, CSR and other organizations.