about soulbuffalo

a note from our CEO, dave ford

A decade ago, I spent two years traveling South America, North America, and Africa. For me, that’s when my education really began. I learned more about the world–and myself–in those 24 months on the road than I had during the entirety of my life up to that point. Everything shifted: my thinking, my connection to others, and my deep respect and concern for the environment. I observed exasperating poverty in Bolivia; I experienced the staggering beauty of untouched nature in Antarctica; and I had my first encounter with organized conservation in the Serengeti in Tanzania. I learned to trek the wilderness and loved every minute of it. I was transformed.

In 2015, my partners and I launched SoulBuffalo. When we started, we didn’t have any idea we’d end up being the company we are today. But we did know from the outset that experiencing the world directly was the most powerful way to learn, and it quickly became our purpose to connect others to their own life-changing world experiences. 

Three years in, SoulBuffalo’s mission has grown to include connecting powerful, committed, impactful change agents (corporate and individual) to one another, while exposing them to the many challenges facing the world today. We’ve created custom expeditions for top executives at Fortune 500s against the backdrop of these world problems. The world has become our classroom.

Is SoulBuffalo an expedition company? Yes. But beyond that, we build incredibly intricate and unique platforms to empower the corporate world to learn about global issues and then collaborate to solve them. 

SoulBuffalo set out to help people experience the world. Now we’re helping change it. And it’s unbelievably fun


Bringing the Buffalo back from extinction is a true story of conservation and commerce saving a species.

Today’s buffalo population is one of the great conservation success stories in American history. And it was only made possible through the collective efforts of business, conservationists and policymakers working together to save an American icon on the brink of extinction. It’s our belief that great environmental challenges must be solved through a mix of pragmatic solutions and people that care deeply about the future of the planet. So the name is representative of a great example of success and the human attribute that made it possible.


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Akos Hivekovics

Chief Expedition Officer

Casson Trenor

Director of Ocean Expeditions