Bringing all sides of the ocean plastics crisis to the table.

Introducing the Global Treaty Dialogues

In February 2022 The United Nations Environment Assembly will decide whether to move forward with a “Paris Agreement for Plastics.” Leading up to this decision, our Global Treaty Dialogues aim to map the positions and concerns of thousands of stakeholders across the plastics ecosystem, and accelerate solutions to address the oceans plastics crisis.

Together with Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Ocean Plastic Leadership Network will be holding a series of candid conversations throughout 2021 designed to forge a deeper, collective understanding between all parties dedicated to this crisis.

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SoulBuffalo provides various entry points to our high-value eco-system.


Our members come from corporations, NGOs, non-profits, waste management and academia, all working together to solve the issues that impact all of our lives. Our diversity of membership is what fuels our mission.

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SoulBuffalo has created a series of learning modules to facilitate greater environmental literacy across your organization. Our Sustainable Action Leadership Training (SALT) is a professional development platform designed to enact systematic change.

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We are strong believers in tension driving action. We curate small groups of professionals with often opposing interests to work on a single, common goal. Funded accelerators are currently being developed and tested around the world.

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Action Accelerators

Our curated convenings are designed to consistently produce real-world results.

POW — Plastic Pickers Operational Working Group

Waste picker organizations assembled at the Ocean Plastics Leadership 
Summit have continued discussions with assistance from the Meridian 
Institute to prioritize the use of $21,000 raised at auction.
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OPLN-John Warner Green Chemistry Alliance

Our first expert, John Warner leads this series with his discussion on Technology Greenhouse: Enhancing Commercial Success through Green Chemistry.
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Sourcing Ocean-Bound Plastics in the Global South

Mobilizing An Equitable Ocean-Bound Plastics Supply Chain, features a 
pre-recorded and edited video of three key panelists discussing the issue, 
then opening it up to the public for a live Q&A.
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Circular Economy - Zero Plastic Waste Communities

A systems model that is based on local realities but adaptable and 
replicable to diverse environments around the globe.
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