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SoulBuffalo curates and produces summits and expeditions that unite action-oriented business leaders, thinkers, NGOs and innovators to solve environmental challenges

“This (Ocean Plastics Leadership) Summit effectively convened leaders from across the plastics value chain, from plastic suppliers to NGO’s to waste management companies to academics, to share diverse perspectives leading to a broad set of potential solutions. While there is no ‘silver bullet,’ we can make progress on multiple fronts.”

– Ed Huber, VP and GM, Brita and Glad

What we do

SoulBuffalo curates and produces expeditions and summits that gather industry leaders, executives, innovators in threatened ecosystems and provide platforms to drive large scale implementation of solutions to environmental challenges.

2019 Events

Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit

May 17-21

Bermuda & The North Atlantic Gyre


"When you walk away from this Summit, the fact that everyone has worked together on the ship means you’ll see better communication between people who may not have been connected in the past."
“Addressing the plastic problem in our oceans today is everyone’s responsibility – including the companies that produce and use much of the plastic in the world today. There is no one single solution or company that can solve this issue. Partnerships and scaled solutions like the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit are a crucial part of the future we need to invent."
“At HP we are committed to helping address the enormous problem of ocean plastics from multiple angles. Working with our recycling partners, as well as recyclers and NGOs in Haiti, we have successfully designed a scalable supply chain that has enabled us to use more than half a million pounds of ocean-bound plastics in the manufacture of HP ink cartridges. Programs like the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit give us the opportunity to share our learnings with others and identify opportunities for collaboration to innovate and accelerate solutions globally.”