What is SoulBuffalo?

The buffalo appears prominently in the traditions of indigenous cultures in North America, Africa and Asia. The North American buffalo (or bison) is synonymous with interconnectedness and abundance. They seek, roam and explore in great herds, protecting each other.

At SoulBuffalo, we believe that travel is the key to experiencing the abundance of this planet. Our guests enjoy a wealth of cultures, ecological richness, and personal growth only available to those willing to strike out in search of adventure.

We specifically work with groups as we believe that there is much to be gained in sharing the experience of travel with others. Our guests explore together, and are thus able to exchange ideas, perspectives, and lessons learned with one another. This allows for the experience and knowledge gained on these expeditions to influence our guests’ work and personal lives to a much greater degree.

SoulBuffalo expedition groups protect the Earth, its wildlife, and its diversity of cultures as they experience the beauty and abundance of our world.

We specialize in transforming teams of colleagues and co-workers into trusted friends. Come roam with us and see the world as part of a new community.