Partnering With SoulBuffalo

SoulBuffalo specializes in customized group expeditions for organizations and companies interested in investing in the performance, welfare, and growth of their personnel. We craft our trips to meet the exact needs and specifications of our partner organizations or private group leaders.

Many companies offer their employees environmentally destructive party cruises, overpriced jaunts along the Las Vegas strip, or cloistered excursions to manicured Caribbean beach resorts. SoulBuffalo Expeditions are the opposite of this. Our trips do not hide our guests from the real world: they plunge deeply into it.

SoulBuffalo will take your team on an tailored expedition that is specific to the needs of your organization, and that will result in happier and more productive employees. We create experiences where our guests encounter endangered species, traverse breathtaking expanses of untouched wilderness, interact with foreign cultures and indigenous peoples, explore ancient and forgotten ruins, and more. Individuals that share landmark experiences — watching rhinoceros grazing at dawn, racing across the Greenlandic glacier on dogsleds, or deciphering hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian tombs — discover new ways to connect with one another.

Our partners measure the value of a SoulBuffalo expedition by its impacts on the performance and attitude of their executives and employees.

By sharing empowering experiences, solving problems together, and helping one another meet the demands of expedition travel, our guests enhance their sense of understanding and communication skills.

The organizations that SoulBuffalo partners with range from Fortune 500 companies, to non-profits, to private groups and clubs. SoulBuffalo is especially popular among leading companies in the tech sector as a provider of incentives to top employees as well as a bonding and reward opportunity for top customers.

SoulBuffalo expeditions are more than simple travel. Our expeditions are designed to promote communication and teamwork at a deep level. Our guests share transformative experiences that form lasting bonds and which translate back to their daily lives in stronger senses of camaraderie, leadership, and compassion.