SoulBuffalo’s Luminary Series

From time to time, SoulBuffalo offers the rare opportunity of experiencing one of our expeditions under the leadership of a giant in that specific field.

These trips — the SoulBuffalo Luminary Series — include the participation and guidance of an expert who helps our guests to dive deeply into the subject and context of the expedition.

Depending on the scenario, a Luminary Expedition may be led by an author, a scientist, a dignitary, an activist, an artist, or any number of other dynamic individuals. We look for passionate and visionary leaders that have a unique and compelling story to tell about their experiences. Our experts tend to share SoulBuffalo’s values around environmental and cultural conservation, and can speak to the intersection between these values and the specifics of the given expedition.

Unlike our standard trips, Luminary expeditions can accept individual enrollment as well as that of groups.

Couples and small parties that are similarly unable to meet SoulBuffalo’s general seven-person-minimum can also participate in our Luminary expeditions, which often boast a richness of diversity and can serve to introduce like-minded people as they share an unforgettable experience with one another.

Luminary Series trips can target any of the colors within the SoulBuffalo Expedition Spectrum. SoulBuffalo rarely offers more than one Luminary Series trip per year.

At SoulBuffalo, we believe that there’s no substitute for the teachings of a true master, especially when it’s a hands-on experience. Join us as we explore the wonders of the world with some of the most fascinating people on the planet.