Natural Wonders

Green expeditions expose our guests to the raw beauty of this planet.

From pendulous waterfalls arcing over South American jungles to multi-chromatic canyons etched by thousands of centuries of wind and rain, the Earth is a mandala of jaw-dropping artwork.

Try as we might to reach similar heights with gleaming skyscrapers and suspension bridges, there is something special about the natural beauty of the planet that speaks directly to the soul. Human constructs can’t match the infinite twists of red and gold scattered across a sandstone cliff, or the purple and blue wisps of sunset settling over a silhouetted herd of grazing antelope.

In modern life, encounters with the natural world often take place through a pane of glass, but watching the sea from an office window or gazing at a forest from a moving car cannot do justice to the awesome beauty of our world. Green expeditions take you into remote, unspoiled areas in search of some of the most magnificent vistas on Earth.  You will go far beyond the guidebook Top Ten lists and enter a world of natural attractions that are barely on the map.

Green expeditions turn left where most tour groups turn right. Come with us and witness this planet’s majesty in ways that most people will never experience.

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