Extreme Travel

Crimson expeditions take you to distant, windswept corners of the planet that most people rarely hear about, let alone visit.

You may find yourself dogsledding across the sea ice in Greenland, trekking up remote peaks in equatorial Africa, or caravaning along ancient trade routes in Central Asia.

Let’s be clear: if you are looking for a luxury vacation, a Crimson expedition is not what you want. If, however, you are seeking an experience that will push you beyond your comfort zone, test your mettle, and encourage you to take risks, a Crimson expedition may be just what you are looking for.

These journeys often involve extreme temperatures and interactions with isolated communities. They demand levels of determination, self-reliance, and teamwork that raise the bar far above the day-to-day. The challenges and experiences provided by Crimson expeditions create opportunities for bonding and personal growth that can elude us in our daily lives.

If you are new to SoulBuffalo or to travel in general, we encourage you to explore some of our other travel offerings before joining us on a Crimson expedition. That said, if you feel ready to push yourself to the limit, and crave an experience that you will absolutely never forget, we would love to have you with us.

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