About Us

SoulBuffalo is a travel company unlike any other. We enrich the lives of our guests through exclusive, unforgettable expeditions that conserve wildlife and empower communities around the world.

Our group tours are highly personalized to meet the needs of our client organizations. We create unique, custom-made itineraries that allow our guests to connect deeply with the people, wildlife and natural surroundings of the countries and regions we visit.

SoulBuffalo runs expeditions to some of the most remote corners of the earth where it’s often impossible to be on the grid—and that’s how we like it. We believe that unplugging and experiencing moments of solitude, quiet and natural beauty allow us to plug into the rhythm and flow of the natural world. When we disconnect from technology, we connect with what the world has to offer us.

SoulBuffalo believes that travel is a personal experience, and offers a spectrum of experiences to match your sense of adventure.

The seven colors of our Expedition Spectrum ensure that we are always offering a wide variety of expedition travel opportunities to our guests and partners. Each color focuses on specific aspects of travel, growth, and adventure. SoulBuffalo trips are generally offered for one year and then retired, adding to the uniqueness of these opportunities.


Crimson expeditions offer highly challenging opportunities that reward travelers with confidence, satisfaction, and personal growth.


Orange expeditions put you up close with some of the most compelling and intelligent animals in the world.


Gold expeditions connect you with ancient and proud communities to meet artists, craftspeople, traditionalists, and visionaries.


Green expeditions visit distant, unspoiled areas in search of beauty, serenity, and some of the most magnificent vistas on Earth. 


Aqua expeditions explore our relationship with the sea by voyaging to corners of the world that are largely unreachable except by ship.


Indigo expeditions use archaeological, cultural, and historical exploration to unravel the hidden mysteries of Earth’s ancient civilizations.


Violet expeditions create space and passion for the deep, inner work of personal evolution that can prove elusive in day-to-day life.

SoulBuffalo specializes in group expeditions. We turn co-workers into teammates and colleagues into friends.

Rather than enrolling individual travelers and putting them into hodgepodge tour groups, SoulBuffalo offers tailored expeditions for teams, organizations, and companies. Traveling with SoulBuffalo is specifically designed to promote team-building, leadership, and other skills critical in today’s competitive workplace.

We at SoulBuffalo believe in a healthy, verdant, and diverse world, championed by intrepid travelers, explorers, and leaders. If you share our vision, come with us and experience all that adventure travel has to offer.