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Expeditions for Leaders

We’ve created customized, purpose-driven expeditions and meetings in over 200 countries.

We focus on world challenges involving climate change, wildlife conservation, ocean plastics, and cultural preservation.

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How we do it

Global Expeditions:

We run 12- to 40-person tailor-made corporate leadership expeditions all over the world, creating leadership metaphors through real life immersions

Immersive Meetings:

We run 100 to 2000 person corporate meetings in experiential locations spanning the globe, aligning complex, real world challenges with complex business challenges.

Planning, Logistics, Production, Execution:

We execute our expeditions and meetings from conception to completion.

Continuing Education:

We offer our partners an optional 3 years of continuing education about the world challenges we encounter on our expeditions and meetings.

The Leadership Team

Dave Ford

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dave Ford spent the last 15 years as a business leader in media, advertising, and technology, working with some of the largest companies in the world. Inspired by two years of travel that included a expedition to Antarctica and an intensive journey deep into the Bolivian Amazon, Dave founded SoulBuffalo in an effort to synchronize his work with his passion for conservation and a deeper sense of purpose. Under Dave’s leadership, SoulBuffalo has grown into an effective and influential catalyst for meaningful global change.

Akos Hivekovics

Founder & Chief Expedition Officer

Akos Hivekovics is a world-renowned conservationist, ornithologist, and author who specializes in climatology and pollution mitigation. He has a particular interest in global climate change and has spent much of the last two decades running scientific expeditions to the world’s polar regions, including nearly 100 trips to Antarctica. He is dedicated to the educational and transformational potential of travel, and heads a global network of thought leaders that includes some of the most practiced travel guides, cultural experts, and scientific minds on the planet.

Rob Griffitts


Over the past 20 years, Rob has advised executives on operational and strategic matters across a variety of sectors. He has a vision around the future of work, and is determined to synergize purpose and ethics with productivity and profit. Rob’s lifelong passion for travel and determination to promote integrity in business led him to join forces with Dave in founding SoulBuffalo, which he sees as a vehicle for corporate cultural development and global transformation.

Rick Fiscina

Chief Strategy Officer

Rick specializes in constructing high-level thought leadership and education programs that support organization development and corporate cultural evolution. He believes that education is a dynamic and ongoing process, and that leaders in contemporary global commerce and industry must be flexible and adaptable in order to negotiate the changes that are taking place on our planet. SoulBuffalo offers Rick the opportunity to dovetail his experience designing novel education platforms with his enthusiasm for conservation and travel.