SoulBuffalo brings change makers together to face global challenges head on.

A New Model For Collaboration

Transform your thinking, your business, and the world. Inspiring solutions to real-world sustainability problems is at the heart of what SoulBuffalo does.

Our global expeditions, sustainability summits, meetings and retreats gather business leaders, sustainability executives, innovation teams, and others in the field, providing them with immersive experiences, insightful conversations, and the skills and tools they need to achieve their shared purpose.

A Different Kind of Sustainability Journey

World-class experiences and expert support that get you closer to your sustainability goals.


Transformational, purpose-driven journeys designed to engage leaders and teams with modern sustainability challenges around the world.

Sustainability Summits

Invitation-only gatherings that unite esteemed stakeholders to translate sustainability commitments and goals into meaningful action.

Meetings & Retreats

Sustainability-minded meetings and retreats held at national parks and forests throughout the United States.

Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit

Bermuda and the North Atlantic Gyre

May 17-21, 2019
SoulBuffalo Ocean Plastics Summit is the first sea-based sustainability conference dedicated exclusively to igniting new thinking, ideas and solutions around the ocean plastics crisis.

Exploring Climate Change in the Antarctic

SoulBuffalo designed an immersive journey for a Fortune 20 energy company’s leadership team, taking them to the Antarctic Peninsula where they experienced the harsh realities of climate change and rising sea levels.

A New Model for Corporate Leadership Development

Real leadership is the product of personal transformation, and thankfully, our planet is a wealth of opportunity for those with the grit and determination to seek out such an experience.

SoulBuffalo Leadership

As passionate about your sustainability success as they are about exploring the world.

Dave Ford

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Akos Hivekovics

Founder & Chief Expedition Officer

Jason Throckmorton

Chief Marketing Officer

Rick Fiscina

Chief Operations Officer

Casson Trenor

Director of Ocean Expeditions

Transform your thinking, your business, and the world.

Offices in New York and San Francisco.

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